Ex Stunt Clown.



Aspiring Astro-naut.


Interesting Facts About Jonah

  • His father ran a design and fabrication business and a fireworks display company while Jonah was growing up. So, Jonah learned very early on how to build things and then how to blow them to smithereens. With exceptional artistry, of course.    
  • At one time in his life, his pants were on fire more often than he was eating a hot lunch.
  • During one particularly low point in his career, he blew a watermelon up on his head during the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but he is all right now. 
  • He was the first person (along with his friend, Tom Comet) to paddle unsupported across Lake Erie on a stand-up paddleboard from Canada to the US. Then, for some strange reason, he did it again. 
  • If there was social media back when he was performing, he and his motley band of pyromaniacs would likely all be incarcerated in some foreign prison. 
  • He is also a certified Whitewater SUP Instructor and wilderness trip leader, so if you ever want to go hurtling down a river standing up; he’s your man. 


  • Mystere – Cirque du Soleil – Performer/Pyrotechnician  
  • Bindlestiff Family Circus – Performer/Pyrotechnician  
  • Circo Atayde – Mexico - Performer/Pyrotechnician
  • Golden Circus – Italy - Performer/Pyrotechnician
  • Antigravity – Crash Test Dummies – Set Designer/Performer  
  • Circus Orange (various shows) - Designer, stunt performer, pyrotechnician, fireworks supervisor, rigger 
  • Danger Boy (various gigs) - Designer, stunt performer, pyrotechnician, fireworks supervisor, rigger
  • Drakonsbreath – Daredevil Opera Company – Set and Prop Designer, writer, performer, pyrotechnician
  • Cirkus Inferno - Daredevil Opera Company – Set and Prop Designer, writer, performer, pyrotechnician Variety.com Review, NYtimes.com Review
  • Rocket and Roxie’s Untimely, Tragic, and Fiery Death Stunt Show - Set and Prop Designer, writer, performer, pyrotechnician

About Me.

Jonah Logan is a retired stunt clown of the Buster Keaton-style school of hard knocks. He toured the world working for traditional circuses, high falutin’ Canadian cirques, underground sideshows, fireworks companies, and creating spectacles for his own pyrotechnic theatre troupe. He now helps run a rural circus school and retreat for wayward artists (called Circus in the Trees) with his aerialist wife. Due to the pandemic, old injuries, and new surgeries, he has been secretly hard at work writing an exciting (and explosive) new project! 

Jonah has an extensive background in circus, comedy, pyrotechnics, stunts, rigging, theatre design, rock climbing, stand-up paddleboarding, and all-around dare-devilry. Jonah studied theatre design and drama at Queen’s University and circus at the Ecole Nationale de Cirque in Montreal. He has been a stunt clown for Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas, a performer, licensed pyrotechnician, and rigger for Circus Orange, Danger Boy, and the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. He has performed on Broadway and around the world with his own troupe, the Daredevil Opera Company, in their shows, Cirkus Inferno, Drakonsbreath, and Rocket Johnny and Roxanne Rolls Untimely Tragic and Fiery Death Stunt Show. Regrettably, these shows no longer exist, but they were fun and exceptionally dangerous while they lasted. 

They Say

The Herald, Scotland

"An exuberant whizz-bang celebration of slapstick and mayhem. A mega-hit-a-roonie, folks!""

Seattle Times

"Every child's dream come true ... Messy, explosive, virtuoso clowning."

The UK Review

"Scarifyingly funny ... A No Laughing rule wouldn't survive half-a-minute with this circus." 

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